Ford Mondeo Mk III (2000-2007) - Used Car Review

Ford Mondeo Mk III (2000-2007)


In comparison with the Ford Mondeo MkII this car grew, its body became more defined and it moved nicely with the times. It became more spacious and a new and more efficient Duratec diesel engine became available. This Duratec engine, designed by Ford, became hugely popular and ended up being used by Mazda, Volvo, Aston Martin and some other manufacturers.

 As was the case with its predecessor the MkIII still handles very well and it has a much more comfortable ride. The interior of the MkIII completely impresses in comparison to the MkII, which made it more attractive to the business class.

The Ford Mondeo turned into one of the biggest selling cars in Ireland and the UK and this is because of the excellent reputation Ford holds, as well as an exceptionally built and improved car. With the new Mondeo, Ford became a more attractive car, it became more luxurious and people wanted one.

If you’re on the market for a new car and you are considering going down the path of a Ford Mondeo MkIII there are a few problems which you should look out for, these problems haven’t and won’t necessarily happen to all Mondeo’s but there’s no harm in keeping an eye out. The most common problem with some of these cars is the duel mass flywheel, this problem effects diesels more often and the giveaway is often a rattling noise, what is actually happening is that the fly wheel is beginning to wear and separate slightly – people often think they are having clutch problems when this goes.

Another problem with some of the MkIII Mondeo range is a fuel injector issue, this is noticeable if you have any problems turning over the engine, and also your glow plug light will start flashing. This issue is fixable and usually means new injectors are needed for your car.

Some owners have complained of black smoke coming from their exhaust and a lack of power, this could be an indication that the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) valve could be blocked, although I have never had to deal with this myself it is said that it is a potential DIY job, but obviously if you attempt to fix anything yourself make sure you have done sufficient research into what you're doing!

Despite some small issues the Mondeo MkIII is in my view a safe enough purchase. The majority of second hand cars will have problems at certain times and to know the most common potential issues a car can have should help you stay on top of any pending problems.

This car is very popular for a reason, for the most part it is very reliable and in comparison with its predecessor it is a much more comfortable cabin to sit in.

If the Mondeo is not for you why not have a look at the BMW 5 Series, Mazda 6, VW Passat, Skoda Octavia, Nissan Primera, Mercedes C or E Class or even the Volvo S60 or S80, they may be more suited for your needs?

Daragh Ó Tuama

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