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The fuly electric version of the all-rounder family hatch, the e-Golf is the emissions friendly variant of famous icon.


The Volkswagen e-Golf has no engine and comes fitted with a single 85kw lithium-ion battery. Its powertrain creates 115bhp which is a decent amount of power for a standard size family hatch. The real benefit here though is the 270Nm of torque created by the fully electric battery that lies beneath. The torque is delivered in a manner that makes its 0-100kmh claim of 10.4 seconds feel incorrect. It feels far more rapid thanks to it achieving 0-50kmh in just 4.2 seconds. Its claimed range from full charge is 190km. It is also fitted with regenerative brakes meaning it takes all of the energy used to stop the car and funnels back to charge the battery.

Ride & Handling

The e-Golf rides very similarly to that of a standard petrol or diesel Volkswagen Golf. The considerable weight carried by the fully electric battery does take its toll on the handling of the e-Golf. Because of its weight and positioning, you can really feel that additional weight through corners and any agility a regular Golf may have, is lost. With that in mind, you won’t want to be driving an e-Golf like a regular one as your range won’t last you very long. What the e-Golf still is, is a very comfortable cruiser with a deafening silence at all speeds thanks to the Golf’s exceptional refinement and almost complete lack of road and wind noise.


The e-Golf is available in just one trim with a generous specification and unique styling cues that includes 16 inch Astana alloy wheels, C-shaped daytime LED lights, darkened LED light cluster at rear, adjustable headlights with blue stripe, multi-function steering wheel, Discover Pro navigation system, dual-zone climate control, cruise control, blue stitching on leather steering wheel and seats, quick charging socket and an 8 year battery warranty. Charging from a standard three pin plug at home takes around eight hours from empty to fully charge.

Quality & Reliability

While it may look and feel like a regular Golf, a huge amount of restructuring, design and build has been put into the e-Golf in order to make it as dynamic and efficient as possible. The quality and finish to it is naturally what you would expect from any other Volkswagen Golf 7. It is built with a combination of soft-touch and high quality materials that make it one of the best interiors available in a family hatch today.

Safety & Security

The standard Volkswagen Golf scored the full five star rating in Euro NCAP crash testing, so the e-Golf is likely to be a very safe car too. There is an eight year warranty with the battery too, in case you are worried about any issues regarding the fully electric vehicle. Standard safety kit matches that of the regular Golf which features electronic stability control, tyre pressure monitor, ISO-FIX, adaptive cruise control and a full set of airbags.

Space & Practicality

Practicality in terms of range is where a fully electric Golf may not suit many people. An electric car or the e-Golf is a lifestyle choice. The current range on EV’s like the e-Golf is quite limited. The e-Golf does have a range of 190km, but only if you drive it to the book. Range anxiety is a real thing and the electric Golf is only really suited to those people who will only use it for convenience. It is not built for journey’s or motorway runs that will eat the battery. It is however, just like a regular Golf in terms of cabin space, leg and headroom and storage. The boot does lose 40 litres due to the location of the battery, but it’s still a good 340 litres.

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Key Facts

New Price


The e-Golf
e-GOLF 5DR 115HP
First year of model production
1 Speed
Fuel type
Body Type

Running Costs

Tax Band
Emission Standard EU


Driven Wheels
Brake Horsepower

Space & Practicality

Boot capacity (L)
Tyre Size Front
205/55 R16
Tyre Size Back
205/55 R16


Euro NCAP Star Rating


Warranty All Components
3 Year vehicle warranty
Warranty Engine, Gearbox and Drivetrain
3 Year vehicle warranty
Warranty Car Body
12 Years Anti-Perforation
Warranty Paintwork
3 Years on paintwork
Warranty Mileage
Warranty Roadside Assistance
3 Year Roadside Assistance
1 Variants
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