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The Lexus RC coupe is a new and very sexy offering from the manufacturer. This car is arguably the flashiest car that has been produced by Lexus. It comes with a range of engines and it even comes with its own performance model - the RC F.


There is choice of three engines in the RC line-up. Lexus has even managed to make them available with hybrid technology with the RC 300h. This model gives 178 hp and will bring you from 0-100km/h in 8.6 seconds (which means the style doesn't really match the power). If you like you Lexus slightly faster, the RC 200t will bring you from 0-100km/h in 7.5 seconds. This petrol offering has a top speed of 230km/h and gives 245 hp. The next option is the very expensive, but very fun, RC F. This 8-cylinder engine gives a whopping 477 hp and will zoom from 0-100km/h in just 4.5 seconds. It has an on-paper top speed of 270km/h.

Ride & Handling

All engine choices are fitted with a CVT transmission and all are rear wheel drive. The steering is much like that of the IS. It is well weighted but lacks a small degree of response. Drive the 300h and you may find somebody roll, but it's not really worth complaining too much about. The RCF benefits from torque vectoring which means that it is better on corners. Driving the RC F can get a bit wild, which is what potential customers will want.


The RC F is very refined and the only noise you will generally hear is the sounds of the engine growling. Where the sportier model lacks refinement is its very sporty looks. There's nothing subtle about this car. The regular RC is that bit more refined in appearance.

Quality & Reliability

Lexus generally use fine qualities for their interiors. They don't really do cheap plastics. We like the layout of the dash, and the seats are very comfortable to the front.

Safety & Security

The Lexus RC is surrounded by 8 airbags and it features automatic high beams. It also uses pre-crash safety technologies with millimetre-wave radar technology. This should automatically apply your brakes in some conditions if it feels your car might crash. This system also tightens seatbelts.

Space & Practicality

This isn't really the best choice of car if you're about to spend big money on practicality. It's practical in the way that it will allow you to arrive in style. The seats to the back aren't great for adults (thanks to the coupe roof), there is also a lack of legroom. However, customers of this car won't be too worried about that. The boot is large enough at between 366 and 374 litre (depending on if you opt for hybrid).

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