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Car Buyers Guide searches for less expensive insurance

First of its kind insurance survey to examine what different insurance companies are charging similar demographics.

Insurance prices increased by up to 70% between 2013 and 2016 with little or no explanation from the Insurance companies and no transparency as to why. Car Buyers Guide has announced that it wants to get a better insurance price for Irish consumers. Daragh Ó Tuama, Editor of Car Buyers Guide, says "it's time get a better deal for Irish consumers". Car Buyers Guide is asking I

Mondello launches new BMW Driving Experience

The BMW Driving Experience powered by M launched by Mondello Park

Track days are getting more popular and with Christmas on the way, this might be a gift to keep an eye out for. Mondello Park yesterday launched their brand new "BMW Driving Experience powered by M". Continuing with their ties to BMW in Ireland, Mondello has been provided with two BMW M2 (370bhp) and two BMW M4 (431bhp) cars. As well as the two high-powered BMW vehicles, two MINI Cooper S (192bhp) vehicles have been added as traini

BoxyMo and Toyota look at innovative ways to promote safer driving

BoxyMo creates new online game to promote road safety among younger drivers, while Toyota launches “Face It Down” App

The dedicated telematics insurer,, has launched a new online game which is aimed at promoting safety among younger drivers. The company says that the game is aimed at 16 to 25-year olds, who according to the Road Safety Authority account for 17% of road fatalities. The game is intended to alert young drivers to certain dangerous driving behaviours. Players a

Peugeot Ireland announces prices for new Peugeot 5008 SUV... finally!

The wait is nearly over as Peugeot has finally announced prices for the all-new Peugeot 5008 SUV

During February of 2017, the Car Buyers Guide team managed to meet the new Peugeot 5008 SUV at its international launch in Portugal. At the time, we described it as being "sexy, suave, and sophisticated". Of course, we all expected the arrival of the vehicle to come a lot earlier than now - and for many, the wait isn't over. Peugeot Ireland has at last given some information as to the whereabouts of t

Industry report shows 10% decrease in car registrations

Q2 Motor Industry Review for 2017 shows Brexit decline

The Society of the Irish Motoring Industry today launched their second quarter industry report for 2017. Figures for the first six months of 2017 show an overall decline of 10% in comparison with the same period last year. According to the report, the reasons for this decline include the increase in insurance industry prices (house, health and health). The high cost of motor insurance may be another. Uncertainty around Brexit was also quoted

The British Open tees off in style with Mercedes concept car

Reigning Open champion, Henrik Stenson, caused quite a stir this week when he rolled up to the opening of the 2017 British Open in the Mercedes F 015 concept car. The German automakers sponsor the event and used the opportunity to show off their “Luxury in Motion” vehicle of the future. Image from: The Open Facebook Page Returning last year’s trophy for the opening ceremony, Stenson arrived at Birkdale in the electric hybrid vehicle that Mercedes claim will be able to achieve a

Drink drivers to receive 3-month ban instead of penalty points

The Road Traffic (Amendment) Bill 2017 has been approved by the cabinet and will take effect in the coming months. The Irish Minister for Transport, Shane Ross, welcomed the decision as a necessary step to deter drink driving. Speaking today, Minister Ross said, “I am pleased that this important piece of legislation has been approved by Cabinet.  This Bill proposes that instead of three penalty points, drink drivers will receive a three-month disqualification. The current limit is no

France will ban all petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040

France’s environmental minister, Nicolas Hulot, announced yesterday that the country plans to ban all diesel and petrol vehicles by 2040. These plans are part of a broader agenda to make France carbon neutral by 2050. Newly elected president Emmanuel Macron has also declared that France would stop burning coal as an energy source for electricity by 2022. These promises are in conjunction with the commitments made by France under the Paris Agreement. Last year, Car Buyers Guide reported tha

Every Volvo launched from 2019 to have electric motor

Volvo to say goodbye to internal combustion engines while the focus moves to electrification

Volvo has been making it clear for some time now that electrification is a serious goal of their's for the future. They solidified this goal today by announcing that every Volvo car that they launch from 2019 will have an electric motor - this they say will mark the "historic end of cars that only have an internal combustion engine (ICE) and placing electrification at the core of its future business." &l

1 in 10 cars that need breakdown assistance have no NCT

A study carried out by Allianz Insurance has revealed that one in ten (832) cars requiring breakdown assistance have expired NCT certificates; while 5% (325) had no certificate at all. Of the 7,042 cars that were given roadside repairs by Allianz, 97% needed to complete an NCT. Meaning that most of these drivers were aware of their vehicle's shortcomings before taking them out onto the road. In 2016, more than half (51.6%) of vehicles failed the NCT, with car tyres being the most common cause f