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Top Tips for Driving in Heavy Winds

We don't need to tell you not to take any unnecessary journeys but if needs must, here are some of our tips on how to tackle driving in the tough weather conditions Hurricane Ophelia will throw at us. 

It’s a given that we must take extra caution when driving in heavy wind and rain. We don’t need to tell you not to take any unnecessary journeys, Teresa Mannion has got you covered on that one. But, Ireland isn’t exactly an expert when it comes to hurricane weather, so here i

European Petrol Sales Overtake Diesel

Petrol powered cars have overtaken diesel sales for the first time since 2009 in Europe. 

According to the ACEA, the sale of diesel cars has been overtaken by petrol ones in Europe for the first time since 2009. Putting this into numbers, 152,323 fewer diesel powered cars were sold. Similarly, diesel market share of new cars sold fell from 50.2% to 46.3% in the first half of last year. Contrary to this, petrol sales were up from 45.8% to 48.5%. Again, in numbers this translates to 328,615 pe

New car registrations down 17% for September

New car registrations remain 10% year on year after 17% drop in September

Yet again, the Irish car market has seen a dip in new car registrations. SIMI (Society of the Irish Motor Industry) has reported a 17% drop in new car registrations for September in comparison with the same month last year. September of this year saw 3,916 new cars registered, however, the same month in 2016 resulted in 4,707 registrations. According to SIMI, the year-to-date figure is 10% down in comparison with last year.

What car will win Irish Car of the Year?

2018 Irish Car of the Year programme launched - these are the contenders...

It has been announced that Irish Car of the Year 2018 in association with Continental tyres will take place on November 9th. In what has been a very exciting year in terms of new cars on Irish roads, jurors will have to vote on which car that they think is worthy of the title. Tom Dennigan (Continental Tyres), Michael Sheridan (APMP), David Walshe (IMWA) The list, which has been revealed today, is available below as well

Why are child car seats so important?

"In a recent study, the RSA inspected 5000 child seat installations from the public and found that over 4000 of them needed adjustments of some kind to ensure optimum safety."

Most of us will have to deal with the hassle of choosing, buying, and installing child car seats at some stage in our lives. That is with good reason. Not only are child car seats vital for ensuring the safety of kids sitting in your vehicle, it is illegal to not have an appropriate seat when transporting children.Whether i

CBG wants you to test drive cars for us...

Want to drive for Car Buyers Guide? We're looking for participants for upcoming features. Car Buyers Guide is preparing to undertake many car features and we want your help! We want to know what Irish consumers think of cars in the Irish market, attitudes and much more. If you want to be in with a chance to drive for CBG, answer the survey below:

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How to fit an Isofix and i-Size Car Seat

You've got a new Isofix, but you're not to sure about how to install it? Here's a quick guide on how to fit an ISOFIX seat.

To install an Isofix child car seat correctly, you will firstly need to locate the fixing points in your car:* Two of these can usually be found between the seat and the backrest in the back row of seats.* A third fixing point for the top tether strap (if your car has one).Once you’ve purchased the correct child seat for your car and located the Isofix fixing points; f

Bagless Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturer, Dyson, to Build an Electric Car for 2020

James Dyson, founder of Dyson Ltd., has recently announced that he will be producing an electric car for 2020. What's new about his idea is that he will be introducing solid-state batteries. 

Dyson rocked the world when it introduced its bagless vacuum cleaners back in the 1990’s. Well now, it plans to rock the world with its plans for an electric car. James Dyson, the founder of Dyson, is planning on building an electric car that is different to any other for 2020.Dyson plans on spend

Baby Seat Standards Explained: Isofix & i-Size

Most cars produced from 2007 will to have Isofix attachments. If you are unsure whether or not your vehicle comes with Isofix, check your owners manual.  

Isofix is the international standard for built-in attachment points for child seats in passenger vehicles. Most cars produced from 2007 onwards are likely to have Isofix attachments. All new vehicles produced since February 2013 are required to have Isofix lower anchorages and top tether attachments.   Image from RoMaNo under Cre

SEAT reveals pricing for all new SEAT Arona

Today, Seat Ireland has revealed pricing for the all new Seat Arona ahead of its official arrival to the Irish market in November. Neil Dalton, Head of Marketing and Product at SEAT Ireland commented; “With every new model we introduce, one of our priorities is to ensure the pricing and specification is competitive for the market here in Ireland, and that we continue to provide value for our customers. We’re confident that we have achieved the best value vehicle in this rapidly growi