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2006 Volkswagen Golf
Reviewed 30 Nov 2017

Car in very good condition. NCT valid until July 2018. Tax expires end November 2017. Full service history. Free wireless Bluetooth phone to radio transmitter, and charger. Allows you to play music from phone on car radio. Luxury "Golf" branded car mats, front and rear, in very good condition. "Check engine" light on, due to faulty o2 sensor. Doesn't affect driving and has passed NCT with this light on. Very low mileage for a 2006 car. Regularly use this car for long journeys from Dublin to Donegal and back and it's extremely comfortable and reliable - have never had any issues on these.

2005 Volkswagen Polo
Reviewed 23 Nov 2017

2009 Volkswagen Golf
Reviewed 22 Nov 2017

2003 Volkswagen Passat 1.9 TDI 130hp
Reviewed 16 Nov 2017

I have it for 3 years now.maybe the luxury inside isnt that great but other than that.a great car all around.and i have the 6 speed manual so its a pleasure to cruise on the highways.but the biggest problem for mw is the insurance and the roadtax.because i have 5 years no-claim bonus and im still quite young (24) my insurance is just about 2000 € per year.and the roadtax ~690 € .but its quite good on fuel.didnt had any problems with it so far just the casual oil/oil filter change.timing belt/water pump change.a lovely car

2006 Volkswagen Golf
Reviewed 16 Nov 2017

cheap to run plenty space easy to insure

2003 Volkswagen Polo
Reviewed 15 Nov 2017


2015 Volkswagen Up
Reviewed 05 Nov 2017

An excellent car for people who need big interior space but want a small car. It is highly economical to run on tax, insurance and fuel and is extremely well kitted out with A/C, heated front seats, Sat Nav, Bluetooth, E/W, E/M, privacy glass and more

2007 Volkswagen Passat
Reviewed 22 Oct 2017

perfect car

2005 Volkswagen Golf
Reviewed 05 Oct 2017

Its a really comfy car to drive and in very good condition.

2007 Volkswagen Golf
Reviewed 01 Oct 2017



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