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2003 Toyota Avensis Verso
Reviewed 18 Jan 2017

Very reliable family car in very good condition.

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2009 Toyota Auris
Reviewed 16 Jan 2017

very good car

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2006 Toyota Yaris
Reviewed 15 Jan 2017

Excellent drive. Only family owners since date of purchase

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2003 Toyota Estima
Reviewed 14 Jan 2017

2.4 Litre

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2011 Toyota Corolla 1.4 D-4D Terra
Reviewed 07 Jan 2017

Hey folks just to warn people about 2011 Toyota Corolla diesel d4d. They have a problem once you go above 130000k where some gears can no longer be engaged. To fix the issue the gearbox needs to be removed which is going to cost you north of 1000 euros..Toyota customer support will not admit a fault and you are left to carry the cost. They will use excuse car is out of warranty ..note newer models may be affected also as Toyota seem to be in denial problem warned...ask around some independent garages and you will find this is becoming a known problem.. any prospective buyer of Corolla take note and stay away

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2009 Toyota Landcruiser
Reviewed 19 Dec 2016

Good reliable motor

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1999 Toyota Yaris
Reviewed 07 Dec 2016

Great car, very economic and reliable. sorry to let it go

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2010 Toyota Auris 1.4 Luna
Reviewed 01 Dec 2016

Most Reliable Car EVER.

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2002 Toyota Corolla
Reviewed 01 Dec 2016

Great car reliable

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2010 Toyota Yaris
Reviewed 28 Nov 2016

Clean car 2 registered owners within the one family fully serviced. only used for short drive to work.

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