Driver Reviews - Suzuki

2010 Suzuki SX4
Reviewed 15 Mar 2017

2011 Suzuki Splash
Reviewed 13 Mar 2017

2009 Suzuki SX4
Reviewed 19 Feb 2017

2003 Suzuki Wagon R
Reviewed 13 Nov 2016

This is an economical, roomy, and very reliable vehicle. It has been very well maintained, with a recent full service, and is ready to drive away.

2005 Suzuki Grand Vitara
Reviewed 06 Nov 2016

One careful lady owner. Car is running great. Full years NCT. 4 wheel drive and new tyres fitted recently

2004 Suzuki Grand Vitara
Reviewed 24 Oct 2016

Current owner has this magnificent 4x4 Jeep 9 years... timing belt changed at 60,000 miles...always serviced by Suzuki Main Dealer...showroom condition...

2007 Suzuki SX4
Reviewed 11 Oct 2016

Great city car very reliable and low running costs but with 3 growing boys I need more space.

2004 Suzuki Wagon R
Reviewed 13 Feb 2015

Have a red suzuki wagon r+, not the nicest thing on the roads but gets you from a->b. Fuel rate is decent enough get about 14km/L. Little 1Litre engine so acceleration is rather poor. Good for insurance though. Extremely spacious for such a small car. I'm 6'4'' and can happily drive the car (even with a bicycle helmet on). Has the interior high, spacious jeep feel from the front seats. Rear passenger seats aren't to shabby either. Boot is nice and spacious for such a small car. No real problems with it. The paint has faded but can be touched up with some T-Cut to bring it back to its former beauty. Paid €2000 for it 9 months ago. In hindsight that was a bit steep.

1994 Suzuki Cappuccino
Reviewed 15 Nov 2011

WOW! :D i took one for a test drive- to see what's what. Loved it to bits... Very trilling to drive- you'll have a grin even going to sleep after a drive. the ones i've seen need lots of body work, but the rumble from the engine----specialy the ones with turbo dump valve----- when the roof it's down is like ambrosia --- food for soul. It is good to note that they are not comfy-- small wheels, hard suspensions, very close to the ground and my god they are tight inside but i am a large male sooooo.....what was i expecting... The engine (3 pot) goes up to about 9000 rpm and aparently they are highly tunable ( !!! :D)

1996 Suzuki Escudo
Reviewed 13 Jun 2011

Fantastic little jeep, will go anywhere! typical japenese - super reliable, great 4 wheel drive system, has never given an once of trouble.


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