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2002 MG ZR
Reviewed 24 Jan 2017

good clean car

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2001 MG ZR
Reviewed 30 Nov 2016

Bought this 9 years ago and she's still going strong!

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2005 MG ZS
Reviewed 22 Oct 2009

excellent drivers car great roadholding would be better with the 1.8 engine as power is unbelievable sporty good looking car

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2002 MG TF
Reviewed 29 Jul 2009

Handles beautifuly with precise tight sporty steering

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2000 MG MGF
Reviewed 23 Mar 2009

lets all protest outside mgfs owner and all demand our money back and demand a life sentence for the makers for robbery and causing lots of stress and deppression

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2004 MG ZS
Reviewed 14 Jan 2009

Theride comfort is not the best in the world handleing is second to none if you were on a race track but not suitable for todays roads fuel ecommy very good bout the only thing I have a good thing to say about it

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2002 MG TF
Reviewed 25 Aug 2008

Great cars especially the 160 vvc. Very fast and looks brill. Recommended.

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2002 MG TF
Reviewed 27 May 2008

Absolute animal when you put the pedal down! seriously fast car, not for the faint of heart!

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1997 MG F
Reviewed 02 Nov 2007


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1996 MG F
Reviewed 21 Sep 2007

Looks good, fun to drive, economical on petrol, but unreliable. I've spent a fortune keeping the car on the road. It's a money pit. I would advise anyone considering buying this car not to (strongly).

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