Driver Reviews - Jaguar

2013 Jaguar XF
Reviewed 15 May 2017

One of the nicest cars I have ever had the pleasure of driving.

2008 Jaguar X-Type
Reviewed 14 May 2017

2006 Jaguar S Type
Reviewed 29 Dec 2016

Incredible all round car

2012 Jaguar XF
Reviewed 12 Oct 2016

Great car

2002 Jaguar XJ8
Reviewed 23 Oct 2009

great family car,strong,safe,reliable..yes people ask you about mpg...but 26 mpg on a long trip and 18 around town compares well even with 2 litre petrol cars....i have driven them all! this is my 4th jag and is a great 2nd car!!you can buy well..i am currently selling my 2002 xj8 sport for 9900.(to buy another)..a great buy for a car that was 95,000 new!!! they have all the extras that you could think of!! when heading off on a family trip with 3 kids....coulnd't be in a better vehicle!!safe and grace with pace!!

2001 Jaguar X-Type
Reviewed 14 Aug 2009

great drive - lots of fun, handles well. Heavy on petrol though, expect 25-30mpg on average

2004 Jaguar X-Type
Reviewed 23 Jun 2009

Beautiful car to drive. Petrol consumtion a little high but no higher than I anticipated. Mondeo chasis so handling is excellent.

2000 Jaguar S Type
Reviewed 24 Jan 2009

Classy,refined,luxury motor with ahint of Jaguar racing from a bygonr era.It is like driving about in a leather chair. Head turner.Thankfully not attractive to the idiot boy racer brigade, who are more attracted to BMW 3&5 series. Luxury motoring at an affordable price.Always looks very well, stands out from the BMW, Mercedes& Lexus all of whom look pretty similar & boring

2000 Jaguar S Type
Reviewed 05 Dec 2008

Not as bad looking as so many say. As mentioned poor room for driver and on a good note proper hand break not the naff trigger and pedal on so many other class cars.

2006 Jaguar X-Type
Reviewed 02 Dec 2008

lovely car

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