Driver Reviews - Audi A8

2008 Audi A8
Reviewed 14 Mar 2017

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1998 Audi A8
Reviewed 12 Nov 2008

A joy to drive, cruises beautifully, heavy on juice urban wise but on the open road excellent. Levels of finish top rate.

2004 Audi A8
Reviewed 02 Nov 2007

Very happy with this car. Excellent interior. Great performance and reasonable economy.

1998 Audi A8
Reviewed 23 Sep 2005

Big roomy interior. Rumour has it a small herd of cattle were humanely slaughtered to supply the interior. Great sound system. Great road holder very fast and stops quickly. Very confident drive. Great family car and great fun when you get out on your own. You feel very safe in it. Admiring looks but subtle.

1997 Audi A8
Reviewed 01 May 2004

the car it`s great and it`s the best for the family

1997 Audi A8
Reviewed 27 Oct 2002

Best made let by anyone anywhere. More power than I can use. Fast and easy to drive.Very good milage for the size of car ,long run up to 32 miles and around town 15-17 miles. this is good.

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