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2005 Audi A3
Reviewed 18 Sep 2017

Excellent car. Best car we ever bought. Great for running around or long drives. Power on tap and controls really well. Can't believe the price these are selling at but there you go. We have to move it on. Bargain!

2012 Audi A3
Reviewed 22 Aug 2017

Only one owner. Great condition. Looking for a quick sale

2011 Audi A5
Reviewed 04 Aug 2017

Typical German manufacturing, reliable,excellent performance, smooth and a pleasure to drive

2009 Audi A4
Reviewed 02 Aug 2017

Car is in an excellent condition

2012 Audi A6 2.0 TDI
Reviewed 25 Jun 2017

2L Avant SE TDi, 177bhp. 2012. Wonderful drive/ride with adjustable settings for all tastes. Frugal when driven in E mode if that is a priority. High level refinement and looks great (Avant-Estate). Plenty of space for all domestic needs plus some. Average running costs for segment, but Audi dealers can be a tad more expensive than other brands. You will get what you pay for with this car.

Brian Gallagher
2012 Audi A6 2.0 TDi SE
Reviewed 22 Jun 2017

Handles and performs well in all settings with all asked of the car. Economy very good for such a large car (Avant model) when driven reasonably. Space fine for youngish family of 5 plus bags, and quality/refinement of car is wonderful. Audi can be a tad expensive to deal with compared to other vehicle manufacturers (thus only 3 rating there).

Brian Gallagher
2009 Audi A6
Reviewed 15 Jun 2017

nice car to drive, very economical

2011 Audi A4
Reviewed 17 May 2017

Car is in excellent condition

2004 Audi A6
Reviewed 11 May 2017

Good Car

2006 Audi A4
Reviewed 09 May 2017

Fantastic car to drive but short on space


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