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2002 Seat Ibiza
Reviewed 14 Oct 2016

Good car for begginers

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2003 Seat Ibiza
Reviewed 03 Jan 2014

Great car for the price. I hate to be getting rid of it. Very reliable once regularly serviced. Obviously repairs will have to be made to any car so it's unfair to say that on a ten year old car you're not going to have some issues but overall I haven't had any major problems. Upgrading and upsizing otherwise I'd keep her for as long as she kept going. Hoping to get another Seat.

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2003 Seat Ibiza
Reviewed 12 Feb 2010

Car reviewed is the 1.2 petrol and is the daughters car. Reasonably comfortable, and just enough power. Helps if you are handy with a spanner though, after 9 months of ownership, window regulator dirivers door (€115 for the part alone), 2 front wishbones, 2 anti roll bar busings, i front balljoint (combined €180 for the parts). Headlamps are misting up, so will have to find a solution to that. All these issues are apparently common with the type, so buyer beware.

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