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2011 Ford Transit
Reviewed 01 Dec 2016

Can't see myself driving any other van

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2007 Ford Transit
Reviewed 04 Apr 2009

are you listening mr. ford,your customers are not happy. i will now buy a vw crafter cab n chassis and transfer my boxbody to it.

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2008 Ford Transit
Reviewed 10 Feb 2009

This van has been in for repair seven times in one year, even before first service was due. We payed €37000 euro for it and were expected to travel 50 miles to pick up a replacement which we could have free of charge for the first 48 hours, but pay for rental any time after that. We eventually got an apology and a free service when we looked for our € 37000 back.Ford need to take a leaf out of toyotas' book and look after their customers

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